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At Hemptec, our first commitment is to always advise you on products, which meet the highest standards of sustainability and eco-responsible. We form partnerships with specialists such as: architects, engineers, technologists, scientists, distributors, etc. who fully adhere to our philosophy of respecting the 5 fundamental elements.


December 2020, 5th Element management consultant specializing in bio-sourced materials, creates the company Hemptec Inc. to distribute the products it offers to its customers wishing to build with concern for the environment.

We select our products to offer you a complete range in terms of insulation, waterproofing, airtightness, soundproofing of your building, and this from the basement to the attic.

Our commitment is based on the search for products with a low, neutral, or even negative carbon footprint, but which nevertheless offers maximum energy efficiency.

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Healthy and Natural building materials, it's the only way to build sustainably!
Respect for our planet, is respect for the future of everything that lives on it!

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